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14th Annual Bermuda Big Game Classic 2014 Final Results

1st Place — Team Que Mas, Total Winnings: $140,600

Day Two and Three Marlin Jackpot — Largest Marlin — High Point Junior Angler, J.T.Wilson, Team Kerry D, Total Winnings: $167,700

2nd Place Team — Uno Mas, Total Winnings: $87,600

3rd Place — Team Wound Up, Total Winnings: $36,000

Day Marlin Jackpot Day 1 — No Vacancy, Total Winnings: $25,800

Day Two Release Jackpot — Chaos, Total Winnings: $26,400

Biggest Game Fish — Triple Play, Total Winnings: $7,200

Top Lady Angler — Ashley Dent, Frayed Knot

Fairmont Hamilton Princes Biggest Game Fish
Team Triple Play
Angler David Campbell 39.9-pound wahoo.
Total Winnings: $7,200.

Ocean Blue Graphics Top Lady Angler
Ashley Dent on Frayed Knot. Capt. Chucky Moore owner Russell Corbin.

Island Construction Day Two Release Jackpot
Team Chaos
Brent Slade, Dorian Kouri, Tim Agajanian, Nick Martin, David Croom, Jason Lewis
Total Winnings: $26,400

Pettit Paint – Daily Marlin Jackpots – Day 1
Team No Vacancy
Captain Eric Soderholm, mate Chris Weeks, Owner Bill Walsh, Bill Pullman, Jamie Henderson, Brett Jamieson, Vincent Cerrone. Total Winnings: $25,800

Garmin Third Place Team
Argo Group Overall Release Points Jackpot Third Place
Team Wound Up
Captain James Robinson, Mate Gethin Adderley, Mark Munt, Logan Bass, John Cooper III, Borum Cooper.
Total Winnings: 36,000

Miles Market Second Place Team
King Sailfish Mounts Day 3 Release Jackpot
Argo Group Overall Release Points Jackpot
PW’s High Point Angler – Brooks Smith
Team Uno Mas
Captain Tommy Lynskey, Mates Sander Cerdas, Jeremy Cubillo, Sam Peters, Sean Gallagher, Eric Rojas.
Total Winnings: $87,600

Bacardi Day Two Marlin Jackpot
Vanmark Jewelry Day Three Marlin Jackpot
CAT Engines – Largest Marlin Jackpot
Steve Goione High-Point Junior Angler - J.T. Winston.
Team Kerry D
693-blue Junior Angler J.T. Winston first blue marlin. Captain David Soares, mate James Nantz, John Cochrane, Ann Marie Cochrane, Jeremiah Sullivan,    
Total Winnings: $167,700                                        

Bermuda Department of Tourism First Place Team
Atlantic Water Development Day one Release Jackpot
Argo Group Overall Release Points Jackpot First Place
Marlin Magazine Manufacturer’s Cup winner
Team Que Mas
Owner Wally Whitley, Captain Travis Butters, Mate Robert Helms, Chad Ford, Blake Ford, Donny Lange, Tyler Valles
Total Winnings: $140,600

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