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Boat Services

Things To Know If You Are Planning To Bring Your Own Boat

All participants in the Bermuda Big Game Classic are entitled to a fuel discount! Thanks to the support of Rubis Energy and PW's Marina, the Bermuda Triple Crown is happy to offer all participating boats a substantial markdown on fuel. Based on current fuel price we estimate fuel will cost around $7.22 per gallon with this discount. Contact Mike Carey at 441-532-3625, to place your order. Fuel to foreign boats is also duty-free when you are ready to leave port heading out of the country. This will provide additional savings on your last fill-up (a 50 percent savings). The duty-free fuel is available at the Dock Yard: 441-504 7026.

Register Your Vessel
Upon arrival in Bermuda, you must contact the St. George Yacht Reporting Center. You must then check in with customs, register your boat and obtain fishing permits before fishing in Bermuda. St. George Yacht Reporting Center: 441-297-1247; 441-297-1226.

For more information on fishing permits, contact John Edmunds, Head Fisheries Warden: 441-535-4615, or Albert Trott: 441-535-4614, or e-mail:

Boat Provisions, Coffee Bar, Specialty Items
Miles Market is Bermuda’s premier specialty market catering to those looking for great service, quality foods, specialty items and gifts for loved ones. Conveniently located at The Waterfront, guests at the marinas and hotel have quick access to the world’s first Café Godiva bar located in Miles Market. Miles also prides itself on its selection of aged beef, daily lunch specials and delivery services. For more information on all Miles has to offer, call 441-295-1234, e-mail, or log onto

Boat Repair and Service
Offshore Yachting & Maintenance can assist you with yacht repair and maintenance, as well as hauling services. Their crew is experienced and well-equipped, and they understand the needs of the traveling tournament competitor and active boater. If you want the job done right, call Derek Excell at Offshore Yachting & Maintenance 441-333-9912, or e-mail

Steaming to Bermuda
We will be collecting a list of boats that plan on coming across to Bermuda and encourage boats to travel together. Please call tournament control and register your float plan. We'll gladly pair you up with other vessels steaming across. If you need any additional information, contact Tournament Director Dan Jacobs at 407-571-4680, or e-mail

Reserve Your Slip Space
Please contact the following marinas for information on slip space for visiting boats:

PW's Marina
Michael Carey 441-532-3625

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
Nick Brown, Dockmaster: 441-236-2250
Cell: 441-538-0050

Captain Stokes Marina
Robert Oatley

Pier 41 Marina
Willy Freeman

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
Reggie Horseman  441-295-2214
441-704-5290 (cell)

St. George's Boatyard

West End Yachts

St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club
Lacey Jennings, Commodore
Kris King, Dock Chairman,
Brian Oatley, Dock Master;

Bermuda Yacht Services
Mark Soares

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