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With a Bermuda low-pressure storm sitting over the island, Capt. Omie Tillett's blessing of the fleet is indeed that. Following the boat parade, the fleet plows into southwest winds and 12-foot seas. With rain blowing sideways, Capt. Alan Card on the 40-foot Challenger wins by a hair. Angler Alberto Ruiz of Odessa, Florida, releases two fish, and Challenger boats a 646-pounder for 1,646 points.

Sev7en is the first visiting boat to win the Classic. Stan Walker's team consisting of John Vance, CEO of Jim Smith Boats, Jim Lambert and Capt. Billy Borer release two blues and weigh a 621-pounder.

After winning the World Cup, angler Mike Nichols and Capt. Chris Bock on the 60-foot Hatteras Oppositional take the Classic with 1,500 points for three releases. The fleet catches 17 blues, including a 757-pounder by Capt. Russell Young on Sea Wolfe that tops the 28-boat field as the heaviest fish and big-money winner with a $41,883 payout.

Jim Lambert and Capt. Eddie Herbert on the 80-foot Merritt Reel Tight go 4-for-4 on blue marlin to win on releases. Lone Star's Wayne Courier and Capt. Dean Jones win the big-fish pot with a 694-pounder.

A fire at the local electric plant extinguishes power island-wide on Day One. Bob Gollahon on Southern Exposure lands a 1,023-pounder the tournament's first and only grander to date. Southern Exposure wins the Classic and the inaugural Bermuda Triple Crown.

Luis Bacardi's Rum Bum beats out 58 boats to win honors in the Classic with six releases and goes on to win the Triple Crown. Rebecca Hawn on Smooth Operator takes the big-fish prize with a 797-pounder. During the Sea Horse, Ian Card is impaled by a blue marlin and taken overboard. The incident draws international attention, but luckily Card made a full recovery.

Alan Bir and Skip Giordano release five blue marlin on Perfect Parts with Capt. Steve Holmes, scoring the highest point total in the history of the Classic. Perfect Parts continues its hot streak, winning the Triple Crown.

Following a near brush by Hurricane Bertha, anglers catch 72 billfish, including 49 blues. Geoff Coate lands an 832-pounder on Mega Bucks with Capt. Sinclair Lambe to take big-fish honors and $166,700 in winnings. Wally Whitley's Que Mas with Capt. Travis Butters wins the Classic with four blue marlin releases and takes the Triple Crown title as well.

Randy Ringhaver wins the Classic, releasing three blues aboard Bree and weighing in a 558-pounder. The team on Bree wins a tournament-record $312,166 in prize money. Bree eked out the closest victory in Triple Crown history, winning by just three points.



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