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Blue Star Jets - No Airport Checks in Lines

Because commercial air travel has become so time consuming and unpredictable we have asked Blue Star Jets to help our more discerning participants get to Bermuda hassle free!  No airport checks in lines just drive up to the tarmac, let the Captain welcome you aboard, load your equipment and you're off!  Blue Star Jets has created a unique niche in the Private Aviation Industry.  Any Jet, Any Time, Any Place, with just a four-hour notice!  Blue Star aircraft are audited through Wyvern and Argus providing the safest aircraft flying!  No contracts, long term commitment, no monthly maintenance fees, no acquisition costs, just the superior service!  And for those participants with their own aircraft Blue Star can add your plane to their inventory.  For more information contact Paul Orsini at 1-877-359-2751 or Cell 954-295-8791,

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