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Fishing Trip on 'DeMako' On Monday, May 29, 2006

Well, it started out like any other day, a charter on 'DeMako".  Bill Elliott and his wife chartered the boat to go marlin fishing and this was our first day of marlin fishing for the season.  Everything was quiet until about two o'clock when we had our first bite.   The fish crashed the teaser and then fell back and ate the flat line. After some spectacular jumps and a fight for about 20 minutes we released a 400 lb Blue Marlin.  This was the biggest fish that Bill had ever caught so he was a very happy customer.  After releasing the fish we asked Bill if he wanted to keep on fishing or should we head for home.  Bill said he was up to trying his luck at another one……and another one it was!

The next bite we had was about 20 minutes later.  Mate Peter Lewis spotted a much larger fish behind the teaser.  Captain Allen quickly pulled the teaser out of the water and the fish once again ate the flat line.  This was no ordinary fish, it was very large and moving very fast.  In less than a minute the fish all but spooled 1,000 yards of line off of the 130 pound reel.  It was time for drastic measures.  We had to spin the boat around and chase the fish down to stop him from taking the remaining line on the reel.  After chasing her for more than 15 minutes we finally managed to get our first inch of line back.  The battle endured for another 45 minutes and four miles from where the fish was originally hooked until the fish was brought to the boat for photographs and to be released. 

Bermuda's traditional months for fishing for Blue Marlin are June, July and August.  This is the first 1,000 + Blue Marlin to be caught in May.

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