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Another Grander!

Another week, another Grander Marlin, can you believe it!

To catch a Grander" is an angler, mate and captain's dream of a life time, but to catch two only seven days apart is out of a fisherman's fairytale book!
DeMako's  catch this week consisted of a few Wahoo's and Tuna's, a couple of White Marlin releases plus a nice 650lb. Blue Marlin released on Friday by my angler, Michael Burke.  Not a bad week but on Tuesday we made history.
Alastair Barbour, a long time friend and client booked DeMako for June 6 & 9.  On the first day of fishing the game plan was to mainly look for Mister Blue, but also to try and catch a tuna or two for dinner. By 2.30 p.m. we had released a White Marlin, caught a small Dolphin (MahiMahi) and a Tuna and were back out in the deep water looking for trouble and boy did we find it!

Alastair who has caught many Marlins told me that he was only interested in catching a Big Blue Marlin and anything else he would have his guest catch. Allen he said, just say big fish and I'll pick up the rod O.K. Well down comes the right short rigger and the line slowly starts coming off the reel. Alastair looks at me for the call but I did not see the bite, Pete says me neither.  Alastair says, O.K. Keith, you take it. Keith gets in the chair; oh yeah, now she want to show her real size!

The line starts melting off the reel and out of the water she comes. I shout big fish Alastair! Alastair looks up at me and says I can see that now! The big marlin jumps in circles so many times that she gets tangled up in our 25ft. leader. Ten minutes into the fight we have her close enough for Pete to grab the leader and get the release, but hey, there is no leader to grab, it is all wrapped around her massive body. Opportunity lost she runs deep, too deep, and the long 4 hour battle to get her back up begins.

Keith Falconer of Edinburgh, Scotland was a real trooper, enduring a 100lb. drag setting on the reel on his body for 4 hours!, but he stuck it out to the end. The fish came up tail first with the leader wrapped around her tail and unfortunately she was dead; there was no releasing this one. Pete and I both agree that she is a lot smaller that last weeks fish and call her in at 900lbs.
Back at the scales she weights in at a massive 1,048lbs.
Another Grander for the 2006 season!

Tuna fishing is still slow, but the Marlin fishing could not get any better.   If this continues until the end of August this will be a historic marlin season for Bermuda.

Capt. Allen DeSilva & Miss Nina

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