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Positions for the Triple Crown Altered

A record 31 billfish releases has Bermuda buzzing and the international fishing audience watching closely as boats are jockeying for the Bermuda Triple Crown. 25 different boats released billfish lead by a 40' Riviera, Sanctuary, with 2 blues and 2 whites giving them a total of 1,400 points after day 1 of the Classic. Off Piste added a blue marlin release to their 570 points from the Bermuda Billfish Blast for a total of 1,070 points for second place. The Fortuna and Notorious each released 2 blue marlin on day 1 of the Classic to be tied for 3rd with 6 other boats with 1,000 points each. 5 boats scored a blue marlin release in Day 1 of the Classic to add to their score of 500 points in the Billfish Blast.  

There are still 2 days to go at the Classic and the fishing again has started off hot!

All boats are competing for bragging rights and beautiful rings and trophies, as well as an outstanding prize package.


Boat Name/ Total
Sanctuary 1400
Off Piste 1070
Won By Land 1000
Boomer 1000
Fortuna 1000
Great Escape 1000
DeMako 1000
Notorious 1000
Last Stall 1000
Grander 1000
Rum Bum 900
Bermuda Banger 700
Blue Dog 700
Never Enough 700
Wound Up 700
Reel Addiction 580
A1A 500
Aquadisiac 500
Barbara B 500
Bree 500
Indigo Blue 500
Kerry D 500
L&H 500
Lone Star 500
New Nutts III 500
Ohana 500
On Ice 500
Overproof 500
Pisces IV 500
Risky Business 500
Smooth Operator 500
Waste Knot 430
Dreamin on 400
Triple Play 400
7nth Wave 200
Jester 200
Sea Toy 200
Southern Exposure 200


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