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2006 Marlin Magazine Manufacturers Cup Day One Standings

Lot's of action took place on Day one of the Bermuda Big Game Classic as 8 boat builders battled for bragging rights to be called champions of the Marlin Magazine Manufacturer's Cup. 10 of the 27 boats released marlin with Briggs 46' Fortuna leading the way with 2 blue marlin releases and 1,000 points. 7 of the builders are on the board with either a blue or white marlin release. Right now a second Briggs, 2 Bertram, 2 Hatteras, as well as an Ocean, Viking, Whiticar and Jarrett Bay are on the board.

But this competition isn't over by a long shot. As the second morning rolls on there is plenty of action on the water. Stay tuned!


  Standings after day 1

 Briggs Fortuna  1000
 Bertram Great Escape  500
 Briggs De Mako  500
 Hatteras Grander  500
 Hatteras Last Stall   500
 Ocean On Ice  500
 Viking Waste Knot  500
 Whiticar Boomer  500
 Bertram Bermuda Banger   200
 Jarrett Bay Southern Exposure  200

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