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Miami Marlin Classic set for October 5-8

In recent years, Miami has become a hotspot for sailfish.  The population of sailfish has been steadily increasing and the fishing has kept in step.  Many experts agree that the increased numbers are primarily due to the longline ban of 2001, better management, and improved conservation efforts from the recreational and commercial fishermen. 

Last year during the Sailfish Kickoff Tournament in Miami, 65 teams released over 400 sailfish in just one day's fishing.  On average teams released one fish every minute and averaged over six releases per boat; incredible numbers for any fishing destination in the world.  But what about the sailfish's bigger cousin, the marlin?  Many captains and anglers have been wondering if the improved fishing has also affected the marlin fishing in South Florida. 

Although they are not being specifically targeted, marlin are being caught off the South Florida coast every week. They are caught as a result of fishing for other species such as dolphin or tuna.  Many would say that it has been almost pure luck that these marlin have been caught.  Nevertheless, the reports have raised the question, "Are marlin out there?"  That question will be answered this October 5th through 8th.

The Miami Marlin Classic will be a throwback to the yesteryear of Miami.  The best teams in South Florida will square off and exclusively target "the man in the blue suit."

"We know they are out there, this will tell us how plentiful they are," remarks world-renowned captain Ray Rosher of the Miami-based Miss Britt. 

L.C. Crook of Crook & Crook adds, "It seems that every week there is someone in the store with a new marlin report. I know that they are out there." 

The participating teams reads like a "Who's Who" of tournament angling.  The Marlin Classic will be hosted out of beautiful Miami Beach Marina, strategically located right at the mouth of the Miami harbor. In just a few minutes the anglers can be at the fishing grounds; and they will need every minute to fish. The fishing times, tackle, and boundaries have broad limits to ensure teams have more chances of catching big marlin. In order to ensure the growth of the fishery, the tournament will use an all-release format.

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