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2007 Day Two: Big Game Classic Daily Report

The bite continues to be excellent in Bermuda as a total of 22 blues, 17 whites and one spearfish are photographed and released.  Three teams stood out among the field today; Off Piste, J.A.C.S. and Reel Obsession.  All released two blues and one white marlin. Lady angler Alexis Jacobs caught all three fish on Reel Obsession and scored her final fish before J.A.C.S. and Off Piste earning her the Daily Release Jackpot worth $32,000.  Alexis' points also put her in the lead for the High-Point Angler award and the Lady Angler award. Chase Daniels on J.A.C.S. also caught three fish, making the high point angler division a real race. All three teams advanced in the point standings heading into the final day of fishing. 

Queen of Hearts continued to be hot, as they got two bites early in the day.  Unfortunately, they both dropped off.  The next bite for Queen of Hearts was a double, with the team releasing one blue, adding to their total.  This fish was important to Queen of Hearts as it helped them keep their lead in the Classic and Triple Crown. Paradise One got in the game today with two blue marlin releases.  One of their fish was very large and could have made the minimum 500-pound weight, but the team decided to let her go.  These releases moved Paradise One into the third place position.  Another team on the move today was Sea Toy releasing a blue and a white giving them the second place position. 

No marlin were boated today so the Daily Marlin Jackpot rolls into the final day of fishing, making a keeper worth $64,000.  Weez in the Keys still has the largest fish at 616-pounds and the lead in the Winner Take All Largest Blue Marlin jackpot.

Even though there was no marlin at the scales today, the crowd was entertained by our All Lady team on Messaround.  They did get a few bites and catch a fish, well sort of, and brought it in to weigh.  Team Messaround used a unique flag system on the hallard  to indicate each bite and the bought fish.  At the scales the All Lady angler team carefully brought their fish to be weighed on a bed of ice,  .001-pounds was shouted to the crowd for the leader in the flying fish category.  Seems Messaround's fish actually flew in the boat and was not caught on rod & reel so the judges were forced to disqualify it.

After lines out, teams headed back to the Barr's Bay Park to turn in their release photography and catch reports.  As is tradition for the Classic, Friday is our mid-week party night.  This year our generous sponsor Jeff Radke of Peleus and Ricky Cox of Miles Market hosted a lovely buffet of food from La Trattoria, complimentary wine, beer and let's not forget Bacardi.  A great time was had by all.  

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