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Perfect Parts takes first place in 2007 Bermuda Big Game Classic

On the final day of fishing for the Bermuda Big Game Classic, tournament radio master Raul Miranda kept extremely busy recording lots of hookups and releases - there were often four to six boats fighting at the same time.  The bite continued to be good on the last day, with the tournament on a record pace for white and blue marlin.  With no fish on the dock the day before, the daily had rolled over to the last day - making the jackpot worth $64,000. 

Things got started early with Triple Play and Bree scoring release points on whites.  The Challenger called in a hook-up that quickly turned into a double.  After the successfully release on the smaller blue they settled in on the bigger fish.  Sea Toy also got a few more points with a white release keeping them in the hunt.  Then the call came from Challenger they had a nice one - but too close to call - so they decided to release her, giving them the lead for the daily release jackpot. 

Now it was Perfect Parts with a blue hookup and the team being successful with the release.  Next it was Triple Play who was back on with a fat one - after an hour fight the call came that they boated their fish and would keep fishing.  Team Triple Play is no stranger to the big fish club, as they won several tournament categories and the World Cup with an 1189.  Captain Bull Tolson on Sea Toy was on a tear and hooked up with a nice one for angler Ray Gannon.  Perfect Parts added another blue release, making it four so far in the tournament. 

Reel Obsessions angler Alexis Jacobs was back in the chair to make things real interesting as all of the leaders kept changing positions on every release.  Now the call came from Sea Toy that they had boated their fish but would keep fishing.  Bree was also back on, making things real interesting with another blue release for them.  After a two and a half hour fight, Reel Obsession called in a release for Alexis.  The fish was near 500 pounds but was foul hooked making the fight twice as hard for Alexis.  This release put her out of reach for the Lady Angler award.

It was also moving day for first time tournament participants on J.A.C.S.  Angler Chase Daniels released a blue and a white, giving the team enough points for Third Place and narrowly missing the high point angler award for Chase.  Then the call came from Perfect Parts that angler Skip Giordano was hooked up again with their third blue of the day.  This successful release gave them the Daily Release Jackpot, Most Billfish Release Points, First Place and High Point Angler for Giordano. 

With two fish on board the double daily jackpot would surely be won and perhaps one of the fish might contend with the Weez in the Keys 616 for the Largest Marlin Winner Take All Jackpot. As the day wound down Weez in the Keys called in their second hookup of the tournament for owner/angler Scott Robins and was still on at the 4:00 p.m. lines out call. As the fight reached an hour everyone sensed the Weez had a nice one.  When the call came they boated the fish things really got interesting for the daily and overall Marlin Jackpots.

Back at the scales, the first boat to arrive was Sea Toy.  A qualifying fish meant a lot as the points could put them in second place and perhaps win them the daily.  Their fish weighed in at 570 pounds - giving them second place and the lead in the jackpot. This fish also secured the Marlin Magazine Manufacturer Award for the team and builder Paul Spencer Boats.  The Triple Play came in next with their fish weighing in at 592 pounds -knocking off Sea Toy for the jackpot lead.  Triple Play's fish was not large enough to beat Weez in the Keys' 616-pounder caught on the first day.  Now everyone was waiting for Weez in the Keys to weigh their fish.  A fish larger than 592 would give them a complete sweep on the Marlin Jackpot money.  Fortunately for Triple Play, the fish weighed 580 pounds.

This year's Classic was all about first time experiences as Reel Obsession, J.A.C.S., Weez in the Keys and Perfect Parts were all first time competitors in the tournament.

The awards festivities included a wonderful cocktail party reception at the Bacardi International Headquarters followed by a fine dining experience at the Harbour View Ballroom awards banquet.  The annual tournament video was the hit of the night as usual with lots of door prizes being given away by our great sponsors to finish the evening.

We would like to congratulate all of the winners and thank everyone for coming.  Please join us again next year for the 2008 Bermuda Big Game Classic, July 9-13.

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