Our host resort, the historic and recently renovated Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, continues to offer discounted room rates for the participants. Call 800-441-1414, and mention the tournament and reserve your room today.

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess

76 Pitts Bay Road
P O Box Hm 837
Hamilton, HMLX Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-3000
Toll-Free 800-223-1818
FAX 441-295-1914

Angel's Grotto
83 Harrington Sound Road
Smith's Parrish, HS02 Bermuda
Telephone 441-293-1986
Toll-Free Telephone 800-550-6288
FAX 441-293-4164

Ariel Sands
34 Southshore Road
Devonshire, DV07 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-1010
Toll-Free 800-468-6610
FAX 441-236-0087

Astwood Cove
Address 49 South Road
Warwick, WK07 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-0984
FAX 441-236-1164

Aunt Nea's Inn At Hillcrest
#1 Nea'S Alley
St. George's, Bermuda
Telephone 441-297-1630
FAX 441-297-1908


Barnsdale Guest Apartments
#2 Barnes Valley
Paget, PG03 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-0164
FAX 441-236-4709

Blue Horizons
93 South Road
Warwick, WK10 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-6350
FAX 441-236-9151

Brightside Apartments
Flatt'S Village
Box Fl-319
Smith's Parrish, FLBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-292-8410
FAX 441-295-6867

Burch's Guest Apartments
110 North Shore Road
Devonshire, FL03 Bermuda
Telephone 441-292-5746
FAX 441-295-3794


Cambridge Beaches
30 Kings Point Road
Sandy's Parrish, Bermuda
Telephone 441-234-0331
Toll-Free 800-468-7300
FAX 441-234-3352

Castle Harbour Marriott Resort
Po Box Hm 841
Tucker'S Town
Hamilton, HMCX Bermuda
Telephone 441-293-2040
Toll-Free 800-223-6388
FAX 441-293-8288

Clairfont Apartments
Warwickshire Estate
Box Wk85
Warwick, WKBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-238-0149
FAX 441-238-3503

Clear View Suites & Villas
Sandy Lane Crawl
Hamilton, CR02 Bermuda
Telephone 441-293-0484
Toll-Free 800-468-9600
FAX 441-293-0267

Coral Beach & Tennis Club
34 South Road
Paget, PG04 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-2233
FAX 441-236-1876


Dawkins Manor
29 St. Michaels Road
P O Box Pg-34
Paget, PGBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-7419
FAX 441-236-7088


Edgehill Manor Guest House
P.O. Box 1048
Hamilton, HMEX Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-7124
FAX 441-295-3850

Elbow Beach Hotel
60 South Shore Road
Paget, PG04 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-3535
FAX 441-236-8043


Fordham Hall
53 Pitts Bay Road
Box Hm-692
Hamilton, HMCX Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-1551
Toll-Free 800-537-4163
FAX 441-295-3906

Fourways Inn
Po Box 294
#1 Middle Road
Paget, PGBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-6517
Toll-Free Telephone 800-962-7654
FAX 441-236-5528


Garden House
4 Middle Road
Somerset Bridge, SB01 Bermuda
Telephone 441-234-1435
FAX 441-234-3006

Glenmar Holiday Apartments
Telephone 441-236-2844
FAX 441-236-7888
#4 St. Michael'S Rd.
Paget, Bermuda

Grape Bay Cottages
Grape Bay Road
Paget, PGBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-1633
FAX 441-236-1662

Greenbank Guest House
Box Pg201
17 Salt Kettle Road
Paget, PG01 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-3615
FAX 441-236-2427

Grotlo Bay Beach Resort
11 Blue Hole Hill
Bailey's Bay, CR04 Bermuda
Telephone 441-293-8333
Toll-Free 800-582-5190
FAX 441-293-2306


Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club
P.O. Box Hm1738
Hamilton, HMGX Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-5608
Toll-Free 800-203-3222
FAX 441-295-7481

Harmony Club Forte Hotel
Telephone 441-236-3500
Toll-Free Telephone 888-427-6664
FAX 441-236-2624
South Road
P.O. Box Pg-299
Paget, PGBX Bermuda

Horizons Hotel & Cottages
33 South Road
Paget, PG04 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-0048
Toll-Free 800-468-0022
FAX 441-236-1981


Little Pomander Guest House
16 Pomander Road
Paget, PG02 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-7635
FAX 441-236-8332

Loughlands Guest House
79 South Shore Road
Paget, PG03 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-1253


Marula Guest Apartments
Pembroke W
17 Mariners Lane
Hamilton, HM02 Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-2893
FAX 441-292-3985

Marley Beach Cottages
P.O. Box Pg 278
South Shore
Paget, PGBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-1143
FAX 441-236-1984

Mermaid Beach
28 South Shore Road
P.O. Box 250
Warwick, WK09 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-5031
Toll-Free 800-441-7078
FAX 441-236-8784

Munro Beach Cottages
2 Port Royal Golf Course Road
P O Box Sn 99
Southampton, SNBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-234-1175
FAX 441-234-3528


Ocean Terrace
Scenic Heights Estates
Box Sn501 Southampton, SNBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-237-0019
FAX 441-238-4673

Oxford Guest House
Woodbourne Ave
Box Hm-374
Hamilton, HMBX Bermuda
Telephone 011-441-2-950503
FAX 011-441-2-950205


Palmetto Hotel
1 Harrington Sound Road
P O Box Fl54
Flatt's Village, FL07 Bermuda
Telephone 441-293-2323
FAX 441-293-8761

Pink Beach Club & Cottages
116 South Road
P.O. Box Hm1014
Hamilton, HMDX Bermuda
Telephone 441-293-1666
Toll-Free 800-355-6161
FAX 441-293-8935

Pompano Beach Club
36 Pompano Beach Road
Southampton, SB03 Bermuda
Toll-Free 800-343-4155
FAX 441-234-1694


Robin's Nest Guest Apartments
Pembroke 10 Vale Close
Hamilton, HM04 Bermuda
Telephone 441-292-4347
FAX 441-292-4347

Rosedon Hotel
Po Box Hm 290
Pitts Bay Road
Pembroke, HMAX Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-1640
Toll-Free 800-742-5008
FAX 441-295-5904

Rosemont Guest Apartments
P.O. Box Hm-37
Hamilton, HMAX Bermuda
Telephone 441-292-1055
FAX 441-295-3913

Royal Palms Hotel
Rosemont Ave
Box Hm-499
Hamilton, HMCX Bermuda
Telephone 441-292-1854
FAX 441-292-1946


Salt Kettle Guest House
10 Salt Kettle Road
Paget, PG01 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-0407
FAX 441-236-8639

Sandpiper Apartments
4 Sandy Mount Lane
Warwick, Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-7903
FAX 441-236-3898

Sky Top Cottages
Box Pg-227
65 South Shore Road
Paget, PG03 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-7984
FAX 441-232-0446

Sonesta Beach Resort
South Shore Road
P.O. Box Hm1070
Hamilton, HMEX Bermuda
Telephone 441-238-8122
FAX 441-238-8463 A

Southampton Princess Hotel
Southampton P.O. Box Hm-1379
Hamilton, HMFX Bermuda
Telephone 441-238-8000
FAX 441-238-2149

Stonington Beach Hotel
8 College Drive
P.O. Box Hm-523
Paget, Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-5416
FAX 441-236-0371

31 Rosemont Ave
Pembroke, HM08 Bermuda
Telephone 441-296-0523
FAX 441-296-0754

Surf Side Beach Club
90 South Shore
P.O. Box Wk-101
Warwick, Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-7100
Toll-Free Telephone 800-553-9440
FAX 441-236-9765

Syl-Den Guest Apartments
8 Warwickshire Road
Warwick, WK02 Bermuda
Telephone 441-238-1834
FAX 441-238-3205


The Greene's Guest House
71 Middle Road
Southampton, Bermuda
Telephone 441-238-0834
FAX 441-238-8980

The Newstead Hotel
27 Harbour Road
Paget, Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-6060
Toll-Free 1-800-468-4111
FAX 441-236-7454

The Paraquet Guest Apartments
72 South Shore Road
Paget, PG04 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-5842
FAX 441-236-1665

The Reefs
56 South Shore Road
Southampton, SN02 Bermuda
Telephone 441-238-0222
Toll-Free 800-742-2008
FAX 441-238-8372

The Sandpiper Guest Apartments
P.O. Box Hm-685
Hamilton, HMCX Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-7093
FAX 441-236-3898

The St. George's Club
Rose Hill
St. George's, GEBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-297-1200
Toll-Free 800-438-6493
FAX 441-297-8003


Valley Cottages & Apartments
Valley Road
Box Pg-214
Paget, PGBX Bermuda
Telephone 441-296-0628
FAX 441-236-3895

Vienna Guest Apartments
63 Cedar Hill
Warwick, WK 06 Bermuda
Telephone 441-236-3300
FAX 441-236-6100


Waterloo House
100 Pitts Bay Rd.
P.O. Box Hm-333
Hamilton, Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-4480
Toll-Free 800-468-4100
FAX 441-295-2585

White Sands Hotel & Cottages
Telephone 441-236-2023
FAX 441-236-2486
Box Pg-174
Paget, PGBX Bermuda

Willowbank Hotel
P.O. Box Ma 296
Sandy's Parrish, MABX Bermuda
Telephone 441-234-1616
FAX 441-234-3373

Woodbourne Guest House
Pembroke, Woodbourne Ave
Box Hm-977
Hamilton, HMDX Bermuda
Telephone 441-295-3737